Our Story

La Robe de Chambre harks back to an era when elegance touched every part of daily life; this stunning dressing gown is about the re-creation of a classic style, with an emphasis on the beauty of a woman’s natural lines in a nod to the Regency styling of sophistication and elegance.

The embodiment of the modern woman, the Regency woman is all about being feminine, practical and elegant all in the same guise.

From collecting the firewood to relaxing in slippers fireside this timeless classic is the ultimate piece of boudoir to luncheon and garden ensemble in a classical shape in beautiful fabrics that will make you feel special. 

True to the period, colours, fabrics and artisanal buttons celebrate the Regency style for the contemporary woman: once wearing La Robe de Chambre, you’ll feel like a modern day Austen heroine.

Our inaugural collection is called  'Audrey' and is dedicated to founder Ellie Lindsay’s mother who inspired her as a “sophisticated, strong and resourceful woman, just like the women for whom this dressing gown has been created”.