Made with love in Australia

La Robe de Chambre Australia heralds sustainable fashion by using natural, ethically sourced materials and by adopting a zero waste approach for the production of each consignment.

Our brand embraces the skills and craftsmanship of our Australian makers and recognises “creativity as our strongest asset”. 

La Robe de Chambre Australia has been created to bridge generational gaps by recognising the “emotional fit” of how we feel when we wear fashion that is ethically & reliably sourced, at any age. At La Robe de Chambre Australia we know that well loved clothes last, and this garment can be loved by any women of any age, anywhere. 

We engage with women so they can look beautiful for longer, we feel fashion is a celebration of life.

When you wear our Robe de Chambre it will delight, comfort and nestle you in luxury that will last!